When can books teach us?

When can books teach us?

Not only books, If and only if we truly seek, anything or anyone can teach/help us.

There is a proverb in Indian culture that goes like this - “When the disciple is ready, Guru appears”

So my recommendation would be true to yourself and start seeking answers questions that makes you feel deeper.

Otherwise, following are few scenarios that I can think, books can help us largely.

  1. When we go through lows or challenges in life, reading books is good
  2. As a writer, I keep reading books and it opens up my thought process and wisdom towards many aspects in life
  3. When you look for motivation, either towards your goals or anything else, reading books would be good
  4. When we lack perspectives in life, reading books is good because, books always open doors to different way of thinking or looking at something

There could be many more, that’s just a few I have shared. Hope it helps.